Our Church

We are a medium-sized church (75-100 at worship normally) full of joy. A visiting pastor recently said he "felt the love in the noise of visiting" before worship began. Compared to much larger churches, ours is a relatively "informal" church with a focus upon the love and grace of the Risen Christ, made real in today's world through Christ's people.

We come together to worship: we sing vigorously, we pray earnestly and we open our ears and our hearts to the spoken Word.

Located in a rural community, our congregation is a mix: professionals and farmers, men and women, young and old. Our eclectic nature is made visible by our dress: everything from suits to overalls.

Put simply, people in the FPC congregation come to be a part of the church, not to impress.

Our beliefs

We are a member of the PC(USA) denomination, and adhere to the reformed tradition.

Living our beliefs

We live our beliefs both inside the church community, and externally in our daily lives in the wider secular community. We practice study, prayer, grace, stewardship, compassion and servanthood daily in our work, relationships, families and worship.