The (Church) Mouse January, 2018

...excerpts from the monthly newsletter of the First Presbyterian Church of Yellville, Arkansas

Would Your Pray About This 3-Day Renewal?

A Presbyterian Pilgrimage Weekend is not just “another retreat”. No, it is a part of a personal spiritual journey. At a Pilgrimage, you can experience a deepened relationship with Christ, which can continue growing and last a lifetime.

Pilgrimage Weekends provide an opportunity to:

But there’s more! Weekends are a lot of fun, too!

Pilgrimage seeks Christians who are themselves seeking spiritual growth and are seeking a more vital expression of their faith in their lives. A Pilgrimage Weekend is open to all Christians.

Would you will prayerfully consider attending your Pilgrimage this Spring? You can register in 5 minutes, at this link. The cost is $200 for lodging and meals, but scholarships are available, so don’t let cost be a barrier!

To learn more, speak with one of the FPC members who have been to their own Pilgrimage: Clark & Madeleine Middleton, Becky Walker, Becky McGaughey, Felice Dennis, Carolyn Sims, Clay Parton, Linda Truitt, Paula & David Boatright, Judy Stein or Claudia Brigham.