The (Church) Mouse October, 2017

...excerpts from the monthly newsletter of the First Presbyterian Church of Yellville, Arkansas

Youth Work Day to Help Hurricane Victims: October 29th

On Sunday, October 29th, the youth will meet immediately following worship service. After a bite of lunch together, we will be assembling clean up buckets and hygiene kits for those affected by the recent hurricanes, Harvey and Irma. Once the kits and buckets are assembled, Pastor Blake will make arrangements for them to be delivered to Ferncliff in Little Rock to be distributed to those affected by the storms.

Hurricane Recovery: How Can I Help?

Mid-October: A Three-Day Experience FOR a Lifetime!

A Presbyterian Pilgrimage Weekend is not just “another retreat”. No, it is a part of a personal spiritual journey. At a Weekend, you can experience a deepened relationship with Christ, which can continue growing and last a lifetime. Pilgrimage Weekends provide an opportunity to:

But there’s more! Weekends are a lot of fun, too!

Pilgrimage seeks Christians who are themselves seeking spiritual growth and are seeking a more vital expression of their faith in their lives. A Pilgrimage Weekend is open to all Christians. Please prayerfully consider attending ARPP-27 October 19-22.

The cost is $200 for lodging and meals, but church scholarships are available, so don’t let cost be a barrier!

To learn more, speak with one of the FPC members who have been to their own Pilgrimage: Clark & Madeleine Middleton, Becky Walker, Becky McGaughey, Felice Dennis, Carolyn Sims, Clay Parton, Linda Truitt, Paula & David Boatright, Judy Stein or Claudia Brigham.