The Golden Spatula Award at the First Presbyterian Church honors the cook who prepares the favorite dish at the monthly potluck meal, held on the 2nd Sunday of the month following worship.

How Is The Award Selected?

FPC's "Golden Spatula" Awards

...the monthly "best potluck dish" award by vote of the Congregation

The awards below are catalogued (most recent first) starting with March, 2016:The monthly award for best recipe at the potluck dinner at First Presbyterian Church of Yellville

Winner Shared By Month
Fresh Apple-Nut Cake Louise McPherson 2018 January
Sugar-Free Dump Cake Karla Axel 2017 December
Strawberry Trifle Linda Pierce 2017 November
Mint Fudge Nancy Martin 2017 October
Cabbage Rolls Marie Weindruch 2017 September
Flax Seed Cornbread Jeanne Simpson 2017 September
Impossible Pie Marie Weindruch 2017 August
Corn Casserole Mavis Williams 2017 July
Ham-n-Cheese Egg Bake Blake Brinegar 2017 June
Blueberry Dump Cake Cobbler Karla Axel 2017 May
Four-Layer Sour Cream Cake Mary Thrash 2017 April
Spinach Dip Susan Wendel 2017 March
Cream Cheese Ball Julie Sharp 2017 February
Shrimp (or Crawfish) Etoufee Mary Thrash 2017 January
Pumpkin Soup Edie Kate Hampton 2016 December
Sweet Potato Pie Karla Axel 2016 October
Apricot Tortoni Thelma Gay 2016 September
Lemon-Jello Cake Shelby Bates 2016 August
Fruit Salad Mary Ann Sharp 2016 July
Cornbread Salad Cindy Maley 2016 June
Deviled Avocado Eggs Mike Simpson 2016 May
Veggie Chopped Salad Melba Keyes 2016 April
Chocolate Eclairs & Mini-Eclairs Linda Pierce 2016 March
Devils Food Cherry Cake Linda Vincent 2016 February
Sausage-Chicken Gumbo Mary Thrash 2016 January
Chicken and Rice Nellie Yount 2015 December