The Women's Ministries of First Presbyterian Church of Yellville not only serve the wider community, but also give the women who serve in all the roles, a chance to have fun together.

Women's Ministry at FPC

The purpose of Women’s Ministry is to encourage women to discover, develop, and live out their unique ministry callings for God’s glory and the advancement of His kingdom. The Women Ministry Team consists of four main efforts (below). If you wish to get involved with any of these ministry efforts, contact the church here!

1. Prayer

The purpose of this team is an opportunity for women to invoke the awesome power of God through prayer. It also allows us to bring the needs and praises of our church, friends and loved ones to the throne of God. The power of prayer helps us to grow closer to God and to each other...(more)

2. Mission

The purpose of this team is for helping others, hopefully making their life a little easier and meeting new and different people. Missions should be something we do every day. This team is designed to serve in our church, the community and to impact the world of Christ...(more)

3. Study/Spiritual Growth

This team provides Women’s Bible Study for our church and other women in the community. We offer both day and evening classes. These studies are designed to help women change and grow in the Lord through group study, sharing, encouragement, and praying for each other. (more)

4. Gatherings

An opportunity to gather together in an informal setting to share our love for Jesus Christ and each other in this church and our community...(more)